Full Council

The most significant decisions, such as setting the Town Council’s precept (local council tax), are taken by Full Council (comprising all 16 Councillors). However, to help run council business more effectively, Felixstowe Town Council has given delegated authority to its Committees to take responsibility for the management of certain key areas of business. Meetings are open to the public who are welcome to attend. 15 minutes is set aside at the start of each meeting for any public questions.

Next scheduled meeting

Forthcoming meetings

  • Annual Council Meeting

    16th May 2018
  • Ordinary Council

    13th June 2018
  • Ordinary Council

    11th July 2018
  • Ordinary Council

    12th September 2018
  • Ordinary Council

    14th November 2018
  • Ordinary Council

    9th January 2019
  • Ordinary Council

    13th March 2019
  • Annual Council

    15th May 2019

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