Council Documents

Felixstowe Town Council is committed to the principles of openness and transparency. Wherever possible, it aims to ensure that residents are able to access information about the work of the Council, its systems and procedures, and aims for its website to be as accessible as possible.  To read details of our Website Accessibility Statement please see here.

Council regularly reviews its policies and procedures, the majority of which can be found below:

Annual Report 2020/21.  The Town Council approved its Annual Report for the municipal year 2020-21 at the Council Meeting on 23 June 2021. See the Annual Report 2020-21 here.

Business Plan 2020-2024. The Town Council approved its second four-year business plan at the Ordinary Council meeting held on 11 March 2020. This document outlines the direction and strategy for the Town Council over the next four years.  It is also intended to give you a clear understanding of what the Town Council is trying to achieve and how it intends to deliver this.  See the Business Plan 2020-2024 here .  

Financial Forecast 2016-2020.  A financial forecast for Felixstowe Town Council has been approved and can be found here.  A new forecast to cover the same period as the Business Plan is currently being developed.  

Standing Orders set out how the rules by which Council governs and administers its meetings and decision making.  See the Standing Orders here.

‘Terms of Reference’ set out the Council’s delegations to its Committee and can be viewed here.

Council’s Financial Regulations governs the administration of Council’s finances. See the Financial Regulations  here. More information on Council’s Budget and Finances can be found here.

Our Internal Control Statement for 2021-22 was approved at the 23 June 2021 meeting and can be viewed here.

Code of Conduct – Councillors must at all times observe a local Code of Conduct to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their official duties. Felixstowe has adopted the Suffolk Local Councils Code of Conduct and this can be viewed here.

Asset Register – The register of Council’s assets (items with a value of over £500) for the most recent financial year is published here.

Data Protection Policy

Data Retention and Disposal – The Town Council retains information in line with its Data Retention and Disposal Policy. It was most recently updated at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 9 September 2020. See the Data Retention and Disposal Policy here.

Risk Management Policy 2020-21

Investment Policy & Strategy 2021-22

Complaints Procedure 2020-21

Health and Safety Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Press & Media Policy 2020-21

Member Officer Protocol 2017-20

Publication Scheme and Schedule 2020-21

Training Strategy 2020-21

Community Engagement Strategy 2020-21

Members Allowances and Expenses Policy

Allotment Regulations – can be found on our Allotments page here.

Cemetery Regulations – can be found on the Cemetery page here.

Grants Policy and Application Form – Information on Council’s Grant scheme can be found on the Grants page here.

Register of Members’ Interests. By law each Member must complete and sign a register of interests. These are available on each Councillor’s profile page. Click here for a list of the Councillors.

Financial Information

In addition to the documents published above, Felixstowe Town Council publishes a range of information relating to its finances. You can find out more on the Finance page here.