COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Posted by Town Hall Staff 13 March 2020

This update made:  12.04.21

Following Government advice , current lockdown rules will remain in place until eased in accordance with the new ‘roadmap’ as and when this is confirmed. These changes, and the proposed dates, are summarised here: 

Restrictions from 12 April

You can meet outdoors (including in private gardens) at a distance of 2m:
• In groups of up to six (this means one person can meet up to five others from
different households)
• Or any number of people from no more than two households.
(Your household is the people you live with).

What is now open to visit alone or with my household?
• All shops, hairdressers, beauty salons and gyms
• Zoos, theme parks, libraries and community centres
• Outdoor sports facilities
• Children will be able to attend any indoor children’s activity, including sport

What else can I do?
• Restaurants, cafes and pubs can provide table service to customers sitting outdoors
• Members of the same household can take a holiday in England in self-contained
accommodation e.g. holiday cottages
• Weddings or wakes can be attended by up to 15 people in permitted premises

Can I travel?
• The ‘Stay at Home’ requirement is no longer in place, however, you should
continue to work from home if you can and minimise the number of journeys
you make.
• Where possible, stay local and avoid travelling at the busiest times and routes.

Can I access testing if I don’t have any symptoms?
1 in 3 people with the coronavirus do not show any symptoms.
Through testing we can stop the spread of the virus to other people.
Go online to book a test or a home test kit at or call 0333 772 6144 (interpreters are available).
Whether you have had a vaccination or not, you can catch and pass Covid-19 onto
other people, so still remember ‘Hands. Face. Space’:
Hands – wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds
Face – wear a face covering over nose and mouth in indoor settings
Space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible

  • No earlier than 17 May ‘Stage Three’
  • People can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors
  • Six people or two households can meet indoors
  • Pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues can seat customers indoors
  • Up to 30 people can meet to celebrate weddings or other life events, like christenings (Relevant to Town Hall bookings)
  • Remaining outdoor entertainment, such as outdoor theatres and cinemas can open
  • Indoor entertainment such as museums, theatres, cinemas and children’s play areas can open
  • Performances and large events will be subject to limits though. For indoor events they can be at half capacity or 1,000 people, and outdoors they can be at half capacity or 4,000 people – whichever is lower. For large venues (at least 40,000 capacity) up to 10,000 will be allowed to attend
  • Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen
  • International leisure travel will resume no earlier than 17 May
  • Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can start up again (Relevant to Walton Community Hall bookings)

No earlier than 21 June ‘Stage Four’

  • All legal limits on social contact will be removed
  • No legal limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, funerals and other life events. From April, the government will run pilots for events such as large weddings, festivals and work conferences. This will help to determine how measures such as enhanced testing might allow large groups to attend without social distancing (following the April pilots we can consider public events again)
  • Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen.
  • Subject to the above proceeding as the Government suggests, we should expect to resume a more ‘normal’ service, with public meetings taking place at the Town Hall once again, from 21st June.
  • FOPWA are aiming to reopen Broadway House from this stage.

General guidance:

With so much information being shared on the COVID-19 coronavirus we should all be using government guidance at to inform decisions and be checking that advice regularly. Please continue refer to for the latest health advice.

Please see for advice on what you can and cannot do during this time.





Town Council Services

The Town Hall and Walton Community Hall  is currently closed to the public. Usual activities and bookings have been suspended until the lockdown period ends, or in accordance with governement guidelines.

Broadway House remains closed until further notice.

Council meetings are being held online. Please visit our meetings page to find see agenda of forthcoming meeting and minutes of previous meetings

Council’s administration staff are working from home and at the Town Hall and responding to enquiries via email to

Felixstowe Cemetery remains open, however staff on site are maintaining social distancing rules are are not available for face-to-face meetings at this time.

Allotment tenants are still able to access their allotments but should be following government advice at all times.

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners has issued advice to all plot holders. See for details.

Parish and Town Councils are being guided by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) who are engaging with government on the situation and will also keep us updated on any developments. 

As government advice is updated, we will reassess and communicate as soon as possible.

Keeping the community informed

We understand that there will be many in our community who may need help and do not have access to information online. Some may have had no contact and be unsure of who to turn to. To reach out to everybody, let them know they are not forgotten and signpost the support that is out there, we have distributed a second information bulletin which was delivered to all IP11 households in early November. Please let us know if yours did not arrive or if you would like a copy.

See the bulletin here:

Suffolk Constabulary is reminding people to stay alert to criminals looking to continue to exploit the vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak.


Whilst the vast majority of people volunteering are doing so for the right reasons, there are a small minority of people who see this difficult time as an opportunity to commit crime. Suffolk Police have some clear guidance on there website here:

  • Suffolk Trading Standards are also 
  • advising of a fake message claiming to be from the Government offering all residents money to help them during the c19 pandemic. Report all scams to us via 0808 223 1133.  Remembers: texts and calls can be spoofed. Never click links, call numbers, or immediately react to a text you’ve received. Even if it’s from someone you know or a business you deal with.